Provenance is Assured through Authentication

Every Art of Appreciation is photographed upon completion. The image is stored on computers in a private and secure location that are not connected to the Internet. The images are used for authentication purposes when needed. The original Art of Appreciation is immediately sealed within an Art Capsule. Photographic images of Art of Appreciation are only available to the artist. No digital files of images of Art of Appreciation are released to anyone.

Since the world is full of copycats, and online hackers, we have developed a unique way to buy and sell genuine Art of Appreciation. This is done through unique serial numbers that are tracked from one owner to the next. Basically, we are the keepers of owner information, and make changes to owner’s records as Art of Appreciation changes hands. We go to great lengths to secure our information, and do not give any information to anyone for any purpose. For instance, if we sell one of your Art of Appreciation Art Capsules on consignment, you will never know the buyer; the buyer would never know the seller. People who own Art of Appreciation do not want a market flooded with unauthorized copies, or fakes which negatively affects art values—the reason this Authentication Program was instituted.