Process for Selling

The Artwork is Authenticated as Genuine

The art market is unregulated and wrought with unscrupulous people who profit from making copies of original art and selling fakes. Any purchaser who buys Art of Appreciation, that is not shipped from our studio, is not guaranteed to be authentic. You can sell your physical Art of Appreciation or Art Capsule to your own buyer without any authentication. Buyers and Sellers are at their own risks in completing private individual sales without our involvement. No new COA will be issued to the new owner. B. Manley Bates still owns the full exclusive copyrights to the artwork no matter if it is transferred via authentication or private sale.

Free Title Escrow Service

You can sell your Art Capsule, to anyone you want and use our Free Title Escrow Service to complete your transaction. Just send us your Art Capsule for authentication. Once we authenticate the Art of Appreciation, have your buyer send us the money you want for the AOA. Upon settlement we send the money to the Seller; and, send a new Certificate of Authenticity, with the purchaser’s name on the COA, and the Art Capsule to the new owner. Your COA will be voided.

This way we track ownership and provenance is assured. Your buyer will know they are receiving an authentic B. Manley Bates Art Capsule with Art of Appreciation inside. This reduces risks for the buyer and seller. No worry about getting paid, or receiving genuine original AOA. Provenance is assured. It’s a big plus for the entire network of Art of Appreciation Owners, Buyers, Sellers, and Performance Partners.

If your buyer wants us to keep the same Art Capsule in our Art Bank we will send them COA. This way, people can simply trade Art of Appreciation without ever having to take physical possession of the actual Art Capsule. This is all done via our studio staff utilizing integrated technology which is completely off the Internet and where databases are secured. Our system, being off the grid, is less prone to hacking and disruptions to provenance.

Consignment Sales

We can sell your Art of Appreciation to a buyer we produce. Since we produce the buyer we charge 10% commission on the taking price. You can change your asking price any time when we are promoting the art for sale. You will need to confirm your acceptance of any offer via email.

If we do not already have your AOA, you need to send us the Art Capsule you want to sell.

Once we have the money from the Buyer, we send you the proceeds from the sale, less our commission, and send a new COA to the new buyer. We do what the buyers wants, either ship them the Art Capsule, or hold it in our Art Bank. The settlement proceeds much like our Escrow Service.

If you have any questions about our Free Title Escrow Services, or want to place any Art of Appreciation on Consignment, please contact us.