Facts about the Art Tube

Tamper Evident Sealed

AOA is wrapped in acid fee paper and placed into the Art Capsule. The Art Capsule is then sealed in a tamper evident way. If the seal is broken, or appears to have been tampered with, then there exists the possibility that AOA might not be genuine. In addition, the AOA may have been removed, photographed etc., which may have a dramatic effect on the value. We encourage people not to buy any Art of Appreciation that is not authenticated by our studio staff.

If you have an Art Capsule with a broken seal, or do not even have the Art Capsule, but possess the Art of Appreciation and the COA, please contact us with your intentions. We have no control over the prices of secondary sales of broken seal Art of Appreciation capsules.

If someone steals your art, simply contact us about the theft. The thief will have a hard time selling the Art of Appreciation due to our unique Authentication Program. We also ask that anyone who is offered a stolen Art Capsule, or the actual Art of Appreciation, to contact us immediately. We can work to get the art back in the right hands.

Regarding lost Art of Appreciation, please contact us and we’ll register the serial number as lost. If someone attempts to have us Authenticate the same serial number we will ask questions about how they acquired the art.

Damaged Art Capsules and Art of Appreciation

If you ship Art Capsules to us please buy insurance from the carrier. When we ship to you, we insure the package. If an Art Capsule is damaged during shipping, please contact us. If we receive an Art Capsule that’s damaged, we will notify you and discuss replacement options.

If your Art of Appreciation is damaged for any reason, please contact us. We might have options available pending your circumstances.