Know Your Rights when Purchasing Art

It is important that you know about copyrights before you purchase or sell any B. Manley Bates’ Art of Appreciation.

You are buying the original work of art, not the copyrights. B. Manley Bates owns the exclusive copyrights to any piece of art sold via the Art of Appreciation series program.You are buying the original work of art, not the copyrights.

The artist enjoys producing original Art of Appreciation his customers will enjoy and appreciate. The way Art of Appreciation is sold and transferred, was devised to meet the artists’ philosophy of The Art of Appreciation, and by helping to prevent infringement. To this extent, this copyright notice is provided for guidance. It is your responsibility to safeguard the value of your Art of Appreciation by not allowing it to be photographed, and the image published.

This means:

Art of Appreciation cannot be photograph or copied and the image published in any medium whatsoever, including both digital and print. Nor can anyone publish a description of the artwork in any print or digital medium.

With so many people owning cameras, where photos can be posted online as photos are taken, you are restricted from publicly displaying the art outside of your residence where there exists the possibility of Art being photographed and the images transmitted and published. No public exposure—even at the art framing store.

Owners are encouraged to tell their art framers, to safeguard placing the Art where it cannot be seen by store patrons, and where Art can be photographed, while Art is being mounted and framed. This will minimize potential image capture and possible unauthorized publishing of the work, which helps to maintain the Philosophy and Theory of The Art of Appreciation, not only for you, but for other Owners of B. Manley’s work.

The reproduction rights are not transferable. If you sell your Art of Appreciation to someone else, B. Manley Bates still retains the exclusive copyrights.

The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) will state: “B. Manley Bates owns exclusive copyrights rights under U.S. Federal Copyright code and Universal Copyright Convention (UCC). No digital copy or photo of image is allowed. An artist rendering of the likeness of the image is prohibited.”

On each piece of Art of Appreciation these words will appear: “Copyright,” and the actual "year" of creation.

All copyrights laws apply and will be strictly enforced should copyrights be infringed upon.

Owners of Art of Appreciation can open their Art Capsules, but once that is done it is subject to market forces regarding value.

No matter who owns the original Art of Appreciation, this Notice applies.

Once an image is revealed, prior to B. Manley Bates’ relinquishing his copyrights, there exists the possibility of copyright infringement, fake copies, illegal sales etc., that B. Manley Bates hopes to avoid. For these reasons, an authentication process has been instituted.

B. Manley Bates owns the right to relinquish his copyrights to owners of Art of Appreciation, and may do that at any time, on an individual basis directly with the Owner of the Art, or by blanket notice to groups of Owners, or to all Owners. His estate will also have this right.

You will be buying original Art of Appreciation with these understandings. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact us.