The Series

Dramatically Different

Aside from producing art, displaying and selling art that can be seen by the buyer, the artist has launched a completely new and creative way to sell art.

The art business is worth billions, if not trillions of dollars. Art is produced, bought and sold, and held for investment as the price of art goes up. Original works of art are limited by the death of the artist, where prices for the art often sky rockets.

The business is unregulated and there is a high percentage of artwork that are sold that are fake, or they are unauthorized copies of original art. The artist has created a project which helps to eliminate these unfortunate circumstances plaguing the art market. In addition, while meeting that objective, other goals are also met—the advance of the artists' philosophy—the Art of Appreciation.

Your participation as a buyer of Art of Appreciation is a part of a creative experiment that has never been done before in the art world.

The artist produces a piece of art then seals it in an Art Capsule without anyone seeing the image. The Art of Appreciation is sold sight unseen, sealed in an Art Capsule suitable for shipping or storage.

Art of Appreciation prices have increased in value over previously sold pieces. B. Manley will never lower prices of his Art of Appreciation, only increases prices. The original art takes time to produce and is a limited production product. As demand increases, it takes longer to produce art and prices increase as a result. The value of Art of Appreciation you own will increase as well. B. Manley calls this: The Art of Appreciation, which corresponds to what he chooses to call his art and art series.

B. Manley enjoys making art. This program and series has been established to work towards increasing the value of Art of Appreciation for AOA owners. If the entire network of Performance Partners and Owners works together in maintaining risks against losses in values due to infringement; and, works to increase sales, the Art of Appreciation will only increase in value. The math and historical analysis equates to increased wealth for all participants.

“Wealth creation through art investment."