Buying is Easy

We accept most forms of payment

The price for one Art of Appreciation (22.5” x 30”) sealed in Art Capsule is currently $1,000.00. The price will only increase with time; never decrease. Current pricing is up from previously sold Art Capsules. Prices are raised periodically, so the sooner Art Capsules are purchased, the less one will need to pay for Art of Appreciation.

To buy Art of Appreciation, simply contact us with the number of pieces you wish to purchase. We will email you information to complete a transaction. We use Paypal, and accept most credit and debit cards.

All purchasers receive a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) to each piece of art, which acts as a title to the work of art. Each piece of art is contained within a sealed Art Capsule.

After purchasing Art of Appreciation:

We will send you the Art Capsule(s) and the Certificate(s) of Authenticity (COA) which serves as a title to the art. There is only one piece of art in each Art Capsule, so if ordering more than one piece of art, you will receive multiple Art Capsules.

After purchasing AOA, we can also hold the AOA for you in our Art Bank for safe keeping. In this case, we simply send you the Certificate of Authenticity. At any time if you want the art, just contact us and we will send it to you.

Purchasing Art of Appreciation comes with stipulations regarding exclusive copyrights, which are held by B. Manley Bates. Please see the COPYRIGHT NOTICE, which explains your rights as an Owner, Reseller, and Performance Partner of Art of Appreciation.

Buying Art of Appreciation as a gift

We can ship Certificates of Authenticity and Art of Appreciation to anyone you chose, but you must tell us who to list as the owner of the Art of Appreciation, so that we can generate a Certificate of Authenticity showing ownership of the individual piece of art.