Pro Partners Move the Project Forward

How to Earn Commission.

To become a Performance Partner, just email us your request and we will email you your Art Discount Code (ADC).

You will earn 20% commission on the sale of Art of Appreciation for anyone using your (ADC) when buying an Art Capsule with Art of Appreciation inside.

Simply give prospects your Partner ADC Code for use when buying Art of Appreciation. They will receive 10% off the price of an Art Capsule and you will receive 20% commission from the direct sale. The more people that use your ADC, the more money you will make. We use PayPal to send you your commission money so you will need a PayPal account.

You cannot use your own ADC when purchasing Art for yourself.

Performance Partner Bonus feature.

Performance Partners will earn an extra 10% should their ADC be used 7 or more times per 30-day period.

The facts are, the more the art is promoted the more valuable the art becomes, and the whole network benefits through higher prices and increased value. As B. Manley Bates increases the price of his art, your commission per sale goes up as well when your ADC is used.

Performance Partner On-line promotion

Performance Partners can promote Art of Appreciation any way they want online, all without posting any images of Art of Appreciation online.

We leave the Performance Partner marketing up to Performance Partners and their resources and Internet savvy. Your network is your business and depending the size you make it, will determine the amount of commission you can make. Just use your Performance Partner ADC when doing your advertising or promotions. Being an owner of Art of Appreciation yourself, helps to get your friends to buy Art of Appreciation. So, it is wise to become an Art of Appreciation owner as well.

If you hold an Art of Appreciation seminar for invited guests, where the artist is guest speaker, you can see the power of distributing your Partner ADC Code to the whole audience.