Various Mediums are Used

Sealed in Art Tube

ART OF APPRECIATION is modern fine art. The pieces are produced on high quality acid-free artist paper approximately 22.5” x 30,” (57.15cm x 76.2). B. Manley uses a variety of materials that may include one or several of the following: oil or acrylic paint, water color, chalk, pencil, charcoal, pastels, etc. The work is one of a kind; no two pieces are identical. It is not a print, or reproduction, but original art. Art of Appreciation is not political or religious in nature, and it is not derivative of other works of art. No child or adult would be offended by Art of Appreciation.

The artist gains his inspirations not necessarily from nature, or other artists works, but from unique images that come to his mind. The art is unique, different, and thought provoking. The manner in how Art of Appreciation is sold and distributed is sui generis.

Upon completing the Art of Appreciation, it is given a serial number and is sealed in an Art Capsule and prepared for shipping. There is a Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies each piece of art. Serial numbers are tracked from one owner to the next, via our authentication process, to ensure provenance is assured. Art of Appreciation is fine art suitable for framing and displaying in a private residence, that is, if the owner wants to break the seal on the Art Capsule and frame the piece. Many owners are keeping Art Capsules sealed, banking on increased value of sealed capsules that can be sold at a later time.

Art of Appreciation is so different from one piece of art to the next, not one piece of art is representative of the entire series. Buyers simply have no idea what one Art of Appreciation piece looks like in style, color, medium, etc., that is within a sealed Art Capsule, no matter if they have seen an opened, exposed Art of Appreciation piece. Hence, no impression can be made about any images that remain sealed in Art Capsules.

The unique and dramatically different aspect to the project, is how the artist promotes and sells his Art of Appreciation—sight unseen. This sets Art of Appreciation apart from all other art, and artists in the world. The manner in how it is sold brings attention to itself which helps fuel the theory of the Art of Appreciation.