Crypto Art Tokens

A Unique Way to Buy, Sell or Trade

Recently there has be a huge interest in people trading digital assets. For the most part, people are buying digital currencies, that are not linked to any physical asset. The price of the cryptocurrency is based only upon the supply and demand of the currency itself. Technology blockchain programs, which handle the trading of cryptocurrencies, are known to be highly volatile and risky. Blockchain technology has been known to be hacked and disrupted and your money lost.

B. Manley Bates, ART OF APPRECIATION Series Project, is the first art project to trade tokens similar to blockchain technology, but with a dramatically different twist: the digital code is linked to one piece of Art of Appreciation, a tangible asset that will grow in value. Although buyers can take delivery of their Art Tubes, Crypto Art Tokens are for those who simply want to buy and hold, or buy to trade B. Manley’s art without having to receive the physical AOA.

People simply buy AOA and get a Crypto Art Token (CAT), which is linked to an actual piece of AOA that we hold for the customer in our Art Bank. The owner of the AOA can use that code to let a prospective buyer know they indeed own the Artwork, without revealing to their customer the actual serial number. The prospect could then verify with us, with use of the CAT, if we indeed have the art in our Art Bank. This way you do not need to take delivery of the actual AOA especially if you have no place to safely store it. Or, you simply want us to hold the AOA for safe keeping for investment, or even while it is on consignment. Art owners can always take delivery of the Art Tube if they want at any time.

Our backend processing of information, which is not in the cloud or on the Internet, can easily show the rightful owner of the AOA. Although we can confirm if we have the actual Art Tube in our Art Bank, or not, we will not release any owner information to anyone who inquiries about a particular CAT.

Through the philosophy of the Art of Appreciation, the Tokens pair equally with the actual AOA minimizing risks to investment. Since B. Manley controls the amount of production of AOA, and continually raises the original purchase price, AOA will grow in value. Hence, the same for the Token.

We settle CAT transactions through our Escrow Service for Free. Seller gets the money for the AOA, and buyer either gets the AOA sent to them, or if they too want the AOA for investment, we send them the CAT. A new Certificate of Authenticity is always generated with any new owner of the AOA which is sent to the new owner.