Understanding through Knowledge

Art Capsule/ Art Tube- This is the container that houses the AOA. The AOA is placed in the Art Capsule upon completion and sealed. The Art Capsule is suitable for storing or shipping.

Art Discount Code- (ADC) This is a code issued to a Performance Partner for their use in promoting and attracting customers to buy AOA. The buyer gets a discount off of AOA and the Performance Partner (PP) earns commission on sales volume.

Art of Appreciation- (AOA) This is the physical piece of artwork produced by the artist B. Manley Bates.The art is sealed in an Art Capsule.

Art of Appreciation Series Project- This is an art project conceived and produced by artist B. Manley Bates. The manner in how the art is sold, sight unseen, is an art experiment. It is antithetical to todays over exploitation and replication of imagery which reduces attention and value. What one cannot see might be more valuable than what is clearly visible.

Art of Appreciation Theory- This is a B. Manley Bates’ proposition that as an artist gains in popularity, the price of the artists’ artwork goes up. As in many cases, the people who began to collect art from an artist who was relatively unknown experienced a rise in value of the art they held when the artist became more popular.

Bonus Commission- This is a payment of extra commission to PP for exceeding a defined number of sales within a given period of time. Commissions are determined by the number of times a buyer uses the PP’s ADC.

Certificate of Authenticity (COA)- This is the title of ownership to the AOA. It lists the owner and the serial number of the AOA. When titles change hands we issue new COA’s indicating new owners.

Consignment Service- We act as agent in promoting and selling your AOA and derive a commission should our buyer buy your AOA.

Copyrights- These are the rights for publication. The artist retains all exclusive rights for all artwork produced under the Art of Appreciation Series Project.

Escrow Service- We act as title agent in facilitating sales between buyers and sellers of AOA and Crypto Tokens. The service is free.

Performance Partner(PP)- This is a person who promotes AOA utilizing their individual Art Discount Coupon. They receive commission should a person use their ADC when buying AOA. People are issued ADC’s upon buying AOA or simply upon request. You do not need to be an owner of AOA to be a PP.

Provenance- The process of tracking ownership of artwork to guide authenticity and quality.

Serial Number- This is the number that is given to each AOA. It appears on the AOA and the outside of the Art Capsule.